PRESERVE OUR HERITAGE HARBOUR is a Citizens’ Advocacy Group that supports preserving Cobourg’s Heritage Harbour, which is under threat from the Cobourg Marina. We strongly oppose the proposed Marina Expansion. We wish to see Cobourg’s Heritage Harbour remain a tranquil, beautiful spot.

We are not opposed to the Cobourg Marina as such, or to the Cobourg Yacht Club, or to boating. We oppose the expansion of the Marina into the open waters of our Heritage Harbour.

The Cobourg Marina expanded by 32 boat slips in 2014. It now wishes to expand by another 120 slips, this time into the open waters west of the Centre Pier. This expansion will necessitate increased boat storage and parking in the area, will destroy the view and the serenity, and will have a profound, year-round, adverse effect upon all natural aspects of the harbour.

Since the Marina does not have the money to do this, Town staff are seeking Council approval for a $2.9 Million loan to be paid back over fifteen years. If the Marina cannot cover annual principal and interest payments, Cobourg taxpayers will be on the hook.
This expansion has been staunchly opposed by the Survivor Thrivers dragon–boating club and by the Cobourg Dragon Boat and Canoe Club (both of which have said they will have to close if the expansion takes place), by the Willow Beach Field Naturalists and by The Northumberland Land Trust.

Click here to see what Council Members said during the last municipal election campaign.

A Steering Committee driven by Town staff members has been pushing hard for the expansion. $20,000 has already been spent on a plan for this expansion. Enough is enough.

If you wish to see this stopped, join us at PRESERVE OUR HERITAGE HARBOUR. Write or speak to your Mayor and Council and check for news updates on whether a Town public discussion has been scheduled.

If you care, please share this widely.