Affected User Groups
Dragon boaters, canoeists, kayakers, small sail boaters, bird watchers, nature lovers, artists, photographers, walkers and strolling townsfolk.

Town staff repeatedly claim that the Marina is self-sustaining, yet they cannot maintain their existing infrastructure and need more money. In fact, they want the Town to loan the Marina $2.9 million. They claim that only by expanding into the West Harbour can the Marina hope to survive. But if the Marina fails to make annual payments of $278,000 we Cobourg taxpayers will be on the hook.

Thousands of migrating birds depend on the West Headland every year as a stopover both in the spring when they head north, and in the fall when they head back south. There are also many resident ducks, geese and other bird species which frequent the harbour throughout the year.

The West Headland, until recently a wildflower meadow and refuge for Monarch Butterflies, has been severely damaged by the actions of Public Works.

Big yachts have deep keels that demand deep water. This necessitates extensive dredging and disposal of the sludge. Two years ago it was dumped on the West Headland and trucked away. Last year and this year it is being pumped over the East Pier into the water off Victoria Beach.

Real Estate Values
As expressed in the letter of the Northumberland Condominium Corporation #19 to the Mayor and Council,  the scenery and beautiful views of the harbour affect real estate prices. Real estate values can be expected to slump for surrounding residential properties with more noise, more dredging, and less open water in the West Harbour.

Boat storage expansion will further obstruct clear views of the open water. The paving over of green spaces for more car parking and boat storage will turn what is now a serene and pleasant view into a permanent eyesore.